Notice of Intent for the North Yuba Landscape Resilience Project -- September 2021

On September 16, 2021, the U.S. Forest Service released the Notice of Intent for the North Yuba Landscape Resilience Project Environmental Impact Statement (the NOI), which is available here. The NOI provides:


1) A description of the purpose and need of the project. The purpose and need of the project were developed by not only the U.S. Forest Service but the North Yuba Forest Partnership (NYFP) as well.


2) A description of the proposed action. The proposed action is a proposal by the Forest Service to recommend or implement an action on National Forest System lands.


In the case of the of the upcoming NOI, the proposed action is essentially a description of how the U.S Forest Service and the NYFP propose to (1) improve and restore forest health and resilience, (2) reduce the risk of high-severity wildfire that threatens communities and wildlife, (3) protect local communities from the threat of high-severity wildfire and climate change, and (4) protect and secure water supplies, including rivers, streams, and meadows.


3) The initial public comment period for scoping for the Environmental Impact Statement lasted 30 days. The public was invited to attend public scoping meetings about the project. These meetings, which occurred on September 22 and September 30, 2021, provided attendees with a summary of the proposed action and opportunities for questions. The recording for Meeting 1 is available here. Presentation slides are available hereThe recording for Meeting 2 is available here. Presentation slides available here


4) Methods by which public comments can be provided during scoping. 

What happens after the comment period ends?

After comments are received, a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is then prepared. Similar to the NOI, the public is given time to review the draft EIS and provide comments. After these comments are reviewed, a final EIS is prepared and published. A decision on the proposed action, selected alternative, or no action is then recorded within a Record of Decision (ROD) document.

For more information about the NEPA process, read our eNews article here.